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Banner website advertising on the ICN, Coach Radio International and the Coaching Blog homepage.

  • 3 months – £500+VAT (£250+VAT saving)
  • 6 months – £800+VAT (£700+VAT saving)
  • 1 year – £1,000+VAT (£2,000+VAT saving)
  • Optional add-on – 3 months jingle on Coach Radio International for £100+VAT (saving of £150+VAT)
  • ½ page advertisement in the ICN for £100+VAT (Saving of £110+VAT)


Advertorial in the upcoming issue of the ICN, A Coaching Blog Post and an annual Ebooks For Coaches membership.

  • £300+VAT (£230+VAT saving)
  • Optional add- on – Coach Radio International registration and 3x show slots for £100+VAT (saving of £85.50+VAT)

Goods & Services

Full page advertisement in the ICN, 3 months website advertising on the ICN homepage, Lifetime Coach Finder Listing.

  • £300+VAT (£192+VAT saving)
  • Optional add-on – Upgrade to a 2 page spread in the ICN (or 2x separate advertisements in different issues) and 6 months website advertising for an extra £150+VAT (saving an additional £1,090)

Mix & Match

  • Choose 1 from the below
    • Coach Finder Directory 1 year
    • Coaching Blog Sponsored Post

    Choose 1 from the below

    • Website advertisement on one of the below;
    1. International Coaching News
    2. A Coaching Blog
    3. Coach Radio International


    • 3 months Jingle on Coach Radio International

    Choose 1 from the below

    • Registration and 3x shows on Coach Radio International
    • Full page advertisement in the International Coaching News

Low on Time

Lifetime Coach Finder registration, full page advertisement in the ICN + design work and 3 month website advertising on any one of the 3 homepage (ICN, Coach Radio International or Coaching Blog).

  • £300+VAT (Saving £417+VAT)
  • Optional add-on – Upgrade to all 3 website advertisements for 3 months for an additional £150+VAT.
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